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Satisfaction Policy. Zore is committed to customer satisfaction and is pleased to provide a thirty (30) day satisfaction guarantee from the date You receive the product (“Satisfaction Guarantee Period”). If You are dissatisfied with Your purchase during the Satisfaction Guarantee Period, You may return Your order using Zore’s website platform. You will have to pay for the return shipment to Zore of any products retuned under Zore’s satisfaction guarantee policy, as well as five dollar ($5.00) handling fee.


All returns must contain all original packaging, as well as a full functional product. Zore reserves the right to reject any satisfaction guarantee return if it appears that the product was mishandled or mistreated by You or subject to abnormal or unexpected use. All such determinations by Zore are final and binding upon You. If Your satisfaction guarantee return is accepted and approved by Zore, you will receive a reimbursement of the price paid by You for the product, less any discounts, within thirty (30) days of such acceptance.


Upon expiration of the Satisfaction Guarantee Period, orders cannot be returned for a refund or a new item, except for valid warranty claims, without Zore’s express written consent.