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Why ZØRE? 2017-09-14T12:15:26+00:00

Because the gun locking solutions on the market today are unable to provide sufficient security, while maintaining the accessibility necessary for when you need your gun most.

What is ZØRE X? 2018-11-11T05:04:58+00:00

ZØRE X is a revolutionary gun lock designed to provide maximum security and fast access. The lock is ejected and a live-round chambered in one, simple charging motion. Our unique unlocking mechanism, RAPIDial, allows you to unlock without any eye-contact and without the use of unreliable technologies such as fingerprint recognition. For more info, click here.

What’s so fast about unlocking ZØRE X? 2018-11-11T05:06:26+00:00

ZØRE X has developed a revolutionary unlocking mechanism that is fast, reliable and easy to operate, even in the dark – RAPIDial. RAPIDial counts the clicks while you turn it, regardless of the dial starting point or the direction you turn it. It recognizes your combination and opens immediately. You can set any code you want. Each click is about an 1/8th of a turn so it is very easy to feel each tactile click.

What Caliber is does ZORE X fit? 2018-11-11T06:45:54+00:00

ZORE X is a caliber-specific lock. Right now, 9mm is available for sale (Check Compatibility).

Is ZORE X for carrying? 2018-11-11T06:47:16+00:00

To clarify any doubts – ZORE X is not designed for carrying on your person. When carrying, your firearm needs to be ready as possible. ZORE X is designed for safe storage. Some users have said they do use ZORE X for bag or purse carry.

How long will it take for my ZORE X to arrive? 2018-11-11T06:51:39+00:00

ZORE X ships within 2 business days.

Does ZORE X require the use of fine motor skills? 2018-11-11T06:50:08+00:00

ZORE X actually uses fairly gross motor skills since the RAPIDial unlocking mechanism is very tactile and easy to feel. Once unlocked, you simply follow normal procedure to rack the slide – ZORE X is ejected and round is loaded.

Is the RAPIDial electronic? 2017-09-14T12:33:48+00:00

Yes. The RAPIDial is an electromechanical dial that was developed by ZØRE and meets the highest military standards.

What if the battery runs out? 2018-11-11T05:20:18+00:00

The standard CR2 battery in the ZORE X lasts for about 3500 locks and unlocks or 2-3 years of normal use. If you get down to around 400 locks and unlocks, an orange light will warn you. If you get down to 100 or so, a red light will warn you and won’t be able to lock it until you change batteries, but you will still be able to unlock it. If, somehow, it runs out of power when locked, it stays locked until you change the battery.

What if I charge my gun and ZØRE X is ejected from it, will the ZØRE X be damaged? 2018-11-11T05:21:44+00:00

Zore X is built to withstand falls, even on hard surfaces. However, when used daily, and when practicing, it is recommended that you do not let it fall on a hard surface from high up in order to ensure its durability.

Can the ZØRE X cartridge device damage the barrel of my gun? 2017-09-14T12:32:17+00:00

No. The expansion of the cartridge only occurs at the moment that one attempts to charge the gun, and while the gun is in ‘rest mode’, there is absolutely no pressure being applied to the barrel. Any unauthorized attempt to rack the slide will not cause any damage to the barrel.

When will new products and calibers become available? 2018-11-11T06:52:51+00:00

Currently, we are developing the .40 and .45 version of the ZORE X in addition to the Alert series which will feature motion alert and connectivity options. In addition, 5.56 is in the plans for future development.

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